About Armando Guerra - Your Trusted Legal Advocate

“Welcome to the Armando Guerra & Associates, PLLC, where justice meets unwavering commitment. With over 13 years of dedicated legal experience, Armando Guerra is a seasoned trial attorney recognized for his depth of knowledge in various practice areas, including Personal Injury Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Civil Law and Hailstorm/Windstorm Cases.”

A Legacy of Legal Excellence

Native Edinburg Resident

Armando's roots in Edinburg provide him with a profound understanding of Hidalgo County's legal dynamics. This native insight uniquely complements his renowned legal judgment, allowing him to tailor solutions for optimal client outcomes.

Former Associate Municipal Judge and Certified Mediator

Armando's commitment to justice goes beyond advocacy. His experience as a former associate municipal judge in Edinburg and certification as a mediator enhances his ability to secure favorable outcomes for his clients through alternative dispute resolution methods.

Comprehensive Legal Knowledge

Armando's extensive legal knowledge spans a broad spectrum of practice areas, making him a versatile and reliable advocate for clients facing diverse legal challenges. Whether it's navigating a complex personal injury case or providing guidance in family law matters, Armando's comprehensive approach ensures that your rights are protected.

Your Trusted Litigator

Armando Guerra Attorney

Admitted to Practice

Armando Guerra is admitted to practice in the State of Texas and the Federal Court (Southern District of Texas, McAllen Division). This recognition allows him to stand as your trusted litigator for a wide range of legal needs, offering representation that is both skillful and effective.

Vigorous Representation When Required

Armando believes in tailored solutions and offers vigorous litigation when required. His commitment to securing favorable results for his clients is evident in his track record of successful outcomes across various practice areas.

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Armando Guerra invites you to explore the comprehensive legal services provided by his esteemed law firm. Whether you are facing criminal charges, dealing with a family matter, seeking compensation for a personal injury, or navigating real estate and weather-related issues, Armando stands ready to be your dedicated legal advocate.

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